The Importance of A/B Email Testing

Written by eTargetMedia.

Experienced digital marketing companies such as eTargetMedia can help businesses develop and deploy email marketing campaigns that will engage potential customers. However, there is no one method that will guarantee that your emails is as successful as possible. Smart digital marketers understand that it’s important to test the different elements of your email to make sure they are connecting with your audience.

The best way to do this is through A/B testing. In A/B testing, you test two versions of your email to see which elements perform better — in the case of emails, this means either open rates or click through rates. Essentially, it’s a controlled experiment to see how similar audiences respond to changes in elements of your email.

These elements can include any number of parts of your email. Common elements that are reviewed during the A/B testing process include:

● Subject Lines
● Main Graphics
● Call to Action Text and Placement
● Closing Lines
● Testimonials

Along with testing the open rates and click through rates of different elements of your emails, it’s also important to track the conversion rates of customers once they get to your site from your email. After all, the whole point of doing an email campaign is to eventually find potential customers and turn them into sales. You’ll need to make sure that your campaign is doing more than just getting customers to your site. If customers aren’t converting to sales, this could either be an issue with your email or your eCommerce set-up.

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