Differentiating Your Subject Lines By Customer

emailWritten by eTargetMedia.

The subject of an email is the first thing that a recipient sees. In many cases, it’s your only chance to grab the attention of a potential customer and convince them to open up the email. It’s clear that having an enticing email subject line is important. But it’s equally important to make sure the subject line matches your target audience.

Companies such as eTargetMedia can deliver you email lists that are micro-targeted to meet demographic standards that match your potential customers. It’s up to you to create messages that specifically target these people — and the subject line is a big part of it.

A few quick tips on how to do this:

Target Based on Buying Habits: You can alter your subject line based on whether your target audience is upscale or a bargain hunter. High-end customers won’t care as much about prices, so focus your subject lines on the uniqueness or quality of the products. Bargain hunters will want to know about sales and special prices.

Use Humor When Appropriate: Nothing can grab a reader’s attention like the use of humor. However, there are going to be situations where this is appropriate and where it isn’t. Some of these are obvious — like not using humor to see caskets — but you’ll also want to make sure your humor is age-appropriate. For example, jokes about selfies might go over the heads of seniors.

Showcase Competitive Advantages: Customers always want to know why your product is better than your competitors. Help them with this by stating the competitive advantages in your subject line.

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