How to create a roadmap for migrating to a data center

Migration roadmaps are perfect for figuring out a solution to complex problems like moving all your systems from one location to another. Even moving something like an active website is fraught with issues. Here is how you can go about creating a roadmap for your move:

Current state

First, look at the current state of affairs. You want to see how the departments and systems in question operate. Note down the individual needs of each team. For example, when looking at a website, you have the front-end, back-end, design, development, content, and marketing teams. All of them will require access to different parts of the same systems at varying stages.

Ideal state

Look at the current industry best practices and develop what you would consider the ideal operational workflow for the teams you looked at above.

Gap analysis

Look at the gaps (if any) between your current operation workflow and the one you surfaced in the ideal state analysis. If you can bridge the gaps during the migration with minimal disruption, include it in your plan.


Now that you have an idea of how each uses the systems and data, you can plan out the migration roadmap. Communicate with the teams and ensure that they are aware that at certain points during the migration, there might be issues with access to several parts of the system.

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