How to Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

How-to-Make-Your-Emails-Mobile-FriendlyWritten by eTargetMedia.

In order to effectively perform email marketing, you need to consider readers on mobile devices. Recent studies have shown that 66 percent of emails are now opened on smartphones or tablets. If you are sending emails to your subscription list or through an opt-in email service such as eTarget Media, you have to assume that it’s being read on a mobile device, which means that you need to make sure that it’s in a format that is easily readable.

Here are a few tips for making sure that your emails are in a mobile-friendly format:

Use a Single Column Format: Email will render differently depending on the size and type of screen that it is being read on. For example, if you have a wide email with multiple columns, it might appear to be jumbled when read on a smartphone. This problem can be solved by using a single column email, which will always render the same way regardless of how it is read.

Keep Your Layout and Content Clean: The screen size of an email is limited when being read on a mobile device, which means that you don’t want the screen to be cluttered with images, text or other content. Make sure that there’s plenty of white space and a limited amount of text so that readers can get the point of the email immediately.

Keep Subject Lines Short: When an email comes up in an email program on a mobile device, less of the subject line will show up. This means that your subject lines needs to be concise and written in a way that it attracts a person’s attention with just a few words.

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