Four benefits of colocation

3Written by Rack Alley

During IT strategy sessions, there is a debate whether to maintain the on premise data center or looks at leading data center space at a services provider. Here are four points in favor of moving operations to an outside data center:

Reduced costs

Los angeles colocation comes with many cost benefits. The primary method of cost reduction is that switching to leasing space at a service provider means more of an opex model for costs. This is in contrast to an ever increasing and increasingly difficult to predict capital expenditure associated with maintaining and upgrading in house server infrastructure.

Increased capacity

In house data centers tend to have capacity limitations. This capacity can be air conditioning, bandwidth or even power. As an organization grows, the first limit that they will hit is in power. Additional expensive power infrastructure will have to be installed to keep growing. There are also limitations to air conditioning and bandwidth increases. A los angeles data center will be able to provision such resources to you on demand.


A private data center will find it very difficult to justify the costs of the kind of redundancy that will be needed to maintain 100% uptime and network reliability. Service providers will have multiple network options along with other redundancy in place to maintain whatever service levels you require.

24/7 Support

In house data centers will need to call in a technician if there is an issue after hours. Most service providers will have 24/7 monitoring and have people on hand handle any issues as they arise.


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