Considering Colocation

By Rack Alley

If you need Los Angeles colocation, chances are you’ve done the math and realized this is really the best hosting opportunity for your needs. You wouldn’t be alone. Countless companies all over the planet have found that they’re better off—much better off even—with colocation than with trying to host their site the traditional way.

Rackalley1But what is colocation?

Colocation is a form of hosting where a company gives you the space you need for your hardware. You pick out your hardware and pay for it, but the actual structure you need for reliable hosting is provided by the company. This generally means temperature controlled rooms and measures necessary to ensure an act of God doesn’t knock down your site.

In many situations, you can even get the IT support your hosting needs in case something goes wrong.

The major advantages of this method are that you don’t have to spend the money on creating such an environment in your office or elsewhere. You also get to customize your hardware as you see fit. No longer do you have to worry about trying to get your needs to fit what is already out there.

So if you need an online presence and haven’t been impressed with the hosting available, you definitely want to check out colocation.


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