Better Hosting Is Available

By Rack Alley

Does your company have a website? Of course it does. If your answer was no, then that should be something you handle right now. The problem is that many companies know that websites are vital, but they don’t fully appreciate that having a site is not enough in and of itself. You also have to think about what happens behind the scenes too, namely, hosting.

rackalley3These days, you have more options than ever before for selecting hosting. This is yet another reason why you have to be thoughtful about making that decision. Going with the wrong LA web hosting company could leave you vulnerable to competitors that didn’t make the same mistake.

One type of hosting that is becoming extremely popular and which you should definitely consider is called colocation. The way it works is that you rent hosting space from a professional facility. Your monthly fee covers the various services that a facility like this is designed for: security, IT staff, climate control, etc.

However, unlike your typical hosting agreement, you get to provide a large dose of customization to your setup. This means you’ll never again need to waste money on features your company has no intention of ever actually using and instead invest those funds in the perfect hosting solution.


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